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CdTe Solar Cell in a Novel Configuration
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Progress in photovoltaics: research and applications
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Tiwari, A.N. CdTe Solar Cell in a Novel Configuration [Текст] / Tiwari A.N., Khrypunov G., Kurdzesau F., Batzner D.L., Romeo A., Zogg H. // Статті : - Progress in photovoltaics: research and applications, 2003.
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Polycrystalline thin-film CdTe/CdS solar cells have been developed in a configuration in which a transparent conducting layer of indium tin oxide (ITO) has been used for the first time as a back electrical contact on p-CdTe. Solar cells of 7-9% efficiency were developed on SnOx:F-coated glass substrates with a low-temperature high-vacuum evaporation method. After the CdCl2 annealing treatment of the CdTe/CdS stack, a bromine methanol solution was used for etching the CdTe surface prior to the ITO deposition. The unique features of this solar cell with both front and back contacts being transparent and conducting are that the cell can be illuminated from either or both sides simultaneously like a ‘bi-facial’ cell, and it can be used in tandem solar cells. The solar cells with transparent conducting oxide back contact show long-term stable performance under accelerated test conditions.

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