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Bi catalyzed VLS growth of PbTe (0 0 1) nanowires
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Journal of Crystal Growth
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Volobuev, V.V. Bi catalyzed VLS growth of PbTe (0 0 1) nanowires [Текст] / Volobuev V.V., Stetsenko A.N., Mateychenko P.V., Zubarev E.N., Samburskaya T., Dziawa P., Reszka A., Story T., Sipatov A.Yu. // Статті : - Journal of Crystal Growth, 2010.
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PbTe (0 0 1) nanowires have been synthesized by thermal evaporation in a high vacuum using vapor– liquid–solid growth mechanism with Bi catalyst on KCl (0 0 1) substrate. Transmission and scanning electron microscopy as well as X-ray diffraction technique were employed in order to inspect nanowire structure. Having rock salt (NaCl) structure, the nanowires uniform in diameter grew along [0 0 1] axis and were perpendicular to the substrate plane. The cross-section of PbTe nanowires was found to be rectangular in shape and nanowire walls turned out to be faceted by {1 0 0} plains that are the most energetically favorable type of planes for NaCl type of structure. Mean nanowire diameter was found to be 50–200 nmdepending on size of Bi catalyst droplets. The half-width of (0 0 2) maximumon X-ray rocking curve was found of the order of 0.3–0.51, no worse than typical value obtained for KCl substrate. No tapering and other defects like twins were observed.

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