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Modeling creep ratcheting of an aluminum-silicon eutectic alloy
Міжнародні конференції » Нелинейная динамика
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Altenbach, H. Modeling creep ratcheting of an aluminum-silicon eutectic alloy [Текст] / Altenbach H., Kozhar S., Naumenko K. // Міжнародні конференції : Нелинейная динамика - НТУ "ХПИ", 2010.
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Eutectic AlSi12CuNiMg cast alloy combines excellent mechanical properties with good castability and is commonly used for piston applications. Creep responses of this alloy under constant and cyclic force at elevated temperatures of 250°C and 300°C are presented. In addition, the alloy is studied in both P-refined and Sr-modified conditions at temperature of 300°C. The T6 heat treatment is used to affect the microstructure and hardness. Based on experimental data correlations between the microstructure and the force-controlled low-cycle fatigue are found. The fracture surfaces of the specimens are investigated with the help of the optical and scanning electron microscopy. For the description of the material behavior a unified model of viscoplasticity is suggested. The primary and secondary stages of experimental curves are modeled with the help of a non-linear kinematic hardening rule and the classical creep functions of stress. To describe the final part of the tertiary creep stage, the damage variable has to be applied.

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