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Graphite Plate Heat Exchangers as Energy Saving Tool for Corrosive Media Duties
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Kapustenko, P.A. Graphite Plate Heat Exchangers as Energy Saving Tool for Corrosive Media Duties [Текст] / Kapustenko P.A., Perevertaylenko A.Y., Khavin G.L., Arsenyeva O.P. // Статті : - , 2007.
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The phenomenon of corrosion is one of the most common difficult problems for many heat exchangers in industrial processes. High grade alloy and exotic metals in many cases are of excellent resistance to corrosive fluid attack, but there are some cases where even these materials reach their limits. A number of nonmetallic materials for heat exchangers such as Teflon, borosilicate, glass etc have limited range of application because of their low heat transfer properties and specific mechanical characteristics. The important place among nonmetallic heat exchangers is occupied with graphite heat exchangers used in acid cooling and heating, treatment of electrolytes, pickling liquors heating, heat recovery and cooling of dangerous waste fluids and so on. The overview of types of graphite heat exchangers is presented. It is outlined the development and implementation of new type of graphite heat exchangers – high effective corrosion resistant plate and frame units. It is an important step in extension of duties of plate heat exchangers. The physical and mechanical properties of graphite composite material of plates are presented and main features of graphite plate heat exchangers are discussed. The case study for energy saving retrofit of heating system of continues pickling line is presented. The principles of heat substation based on graphite plate heat exchanger are discussed.

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