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1 Nanostructured magnetic films based on iron with refractory metals Yermolenko, I.Yu.; Ved, M.V.; Sakhnenko, N.D.; Shipkova, I.G.; Zyubanova, S.I. JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS 2019 0
2 Refractory metals influence on the properties of Fe-Co-Mo(W) electrolytic alloys Ved, M.; Yermolenko, I.; Sachanova, Yu.; Sakhnenko, N. MATERIALS TODAY-PROCEEDINGS 2019 0
3 Mixed Titania Nano-composite Oxide Coatings with Iron Triad Metals Sakhnenko, M.; Ved, M.; Karakurkchi, A.; Matykin, O.; Menshov, S. MATERIALS TODAY-PROCEEDINGS 2019 0
4 Electrodeposition and properties of binary and ternary cobalt alloys with molybdenum and tungsten Yar-Mukhamedova, Gulmira; Ved, Maryna; Sakhnenko, Nikolay; Nenastina, Tetiana APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2018 2
5 Mixed Oxide Films Formed on Titanium Alloy by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Sakhnenko, N.; Ved, M.; Mayba, M.; Karakurkchi, A.; Galak, A. SURFACE ENGINEERING AND APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY 2018 0
6 Composition and Corrosion Behavior of Iron-Cobalt-Tungsten Ved', M.; Sakhnenko, N.; Yermolenko, I.; Yar-Mukhamedova, G.; Atchibayev, R. EURASIAN CHEMICO-TECHNOLOGICAL JOURNAL 2018 0
7 Galvanic ternary Fe-Co-W coatings: structure, composition and magnetic properties Yermolenko, I.Yu; Ved, M.V.; Sakhnenko, N.D.; Fomina, L.P.; Shipkova, I.G. FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2018 0
8 Research on the improvement of mixed titania and Co(Mn) oxide nano-composite coatings Yar-Mukhamedova, G.; Ved, M.; Karakurkchi, A.; Sakhnenko, N.; Atchibayev, R. 2018 5TH GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON POLYMER AND COMPOSITE MATERIALS (PCM 2018) 2018 0
9 Effect of Doping Metals on the Structure of PEO Coatings on Titanium Sakhnenko, Nykolay D.; Ved', Maryna V.; Karakurkchi, Ann V. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2018 0
10 Morphology and Properties of Coatings Obtained by Plasma-Electrolytic Oxidation of Titanium Alloys in Pyrophosphate Electrolytes Sakhnenko, N.D.; Ved', M.V.; Karakurkchi, A.V. PROTECTION OF METALS AND PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY OF SURFACES 2017 1
11 Methods for controlling the composition and morphology of electrodeposited Fe-Mo and Fe-Co-Mo coatings Ved', M.V.; Ermolenko, I.Yu.; Sakhnenko, N.D.; Zyubanova, S.I.; Sachanova, Yu.I. SURFACE ENGINEERING AND APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY 2017 2
12 Physicomechanical Properties of Composite Electrochemical Coatings and Foils Based on Nickel and Reinforced with Al2O3 Sakhnenko, M.D.; Ved', M.V.; Ovcharenko, O.O. MATERIALS SCIENCE 2017 0
13 Ternary cobalt-molybdenum-zirconium coatings for alternative energies Yar-Mukhamedova, Gulmira; Ved', Maryna; Sakhnenko, Nikolay; Koziar, Maryna APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2017 2
14 Composition, Morphology, and Topography of Galvanic Coatings Fe-Co-W and Fe-Co-Mo Yermolenko, Iryna Yu.; Ved, Maryna V.; Sakhnenko, Nykolay D.; Sachanova, Yulya I. NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS 2017 7
16 Nanoscale Oxide PEO Coatings Forming from Diphosphate Electrolytes Sakhnenko, Nikolay D.; Ved, Maryna V.; Karakurkchi, Ann, V NANOPHYSICS, NANOMATERIALS, INTERFACE STUDIES, AND APPLICATIONS, NANO2016 2017 1
17 Synthesis and functional properties of mixed titanium and cobalt oxides Ved, M.V.; Sakhnenko, N.D.; Karakurkchi, A.V.; Mayba, M.V.; Galak, A.V. FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2017 1
18 Functional mixed cobalt and aluminum oxide coatings for environmental safety Ved, M.V.; Sakhnenko, N.D.; Karakurkchi, A.V.; Myrna, T.Yu FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2017 0
19 Macroscopic simulation of atom-sized structures of functional materials: phenomenology of the elongated electrode system Pospelov, A.P.; Kamarchuk, G.V.; Savytskyi, A.V.; Sakhnenko, M.D.; Ved, M.V.; Vakula, V.L. FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2017 0
20 Mixed alumina and cobalt containing plasma electrolytic oxide coatings Yar-Mukhamedova, G.Sh; Ved', M.V.; Karakurkchi, A.V.; Sakhnenko, N.D. 2017 GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON POLYMER AND COMPOSITE MATERIALS (PCM 2017) 2017 1
21 Surface analysis of Fe-Co-Mo electrolytic coatings Yar-Mukhamedova, G.Sh; Sakhnenko, N.D.; Ved', M.V.; Yermolenko, I.Yu; Zyubanova, S.I. 2017 GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON POLYMER AND COMPOSITE MATERIALS (PCM 2017) 2017 2
22 Iron binary and ternary coatings with molybdenum and tungsten Yar-Mukhamedova, Gulmira; Ved, Maryna; Sakhnenko, Nikolay; Karakurkchi, Anna; Yermolenko, Iryna APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2016 17
23 Functional Properties of Fe-Mo and Fe-Mo-W Galvanic Alloys Ved', M.V.; Sakhnenko, M.D.; Karakurkchi, H.V.; Ermolenko, I.Yu.; Fomina, L.P. MATERIALS SCIENCE 2016 5
24 Formation of Coatings of Mixed Aluminum and Manganese Oxides on the AL25 Alloy Sakhnenko, N.D.; Ved', M.V.; Androshchuk, D.S.; Korniy, S.A. SURFACE ENGINEERING AND APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY 2016 8
25 Electrochemical Deposition of Fe-Mo-W Alloy Coatings from Citrate Electrolyte Karakurkchi, A.V.; Ved, M.V.; Yermolenko, I.Yu.; Sakhnenko, N.D. SURFACE ENGINEERING AND APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY 2016 4

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